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Saint-Petersburg film studio of popular science films “Lennauchfilm” was founded in February 11, 1933. The studio changed its name several times over the period of its existence:

1933 – Film-fabric #1 “Techfilm”
1936 – Leningrad film-fabric of education science and technical films “Lentechfilm” (since 1938 “film-fabric” is called “film-studio”),
1942 – “Leningrad United Film-studio of technical science and newsreel films”
1944 – “Lentechfilm”
1946 – “Leningrad film-studio of popular science films “Lennauchfilm”
1996 – “Saint-Petersburg film-studio of popular science films “Lennauchfilm”
2004 – Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Creative production enterprise “Saint-Petersburg film-studio of popular science films” (shortly OJSC “Film-studio “Lennauchfilm”)
2006 – OJSC “Film-studio “Lennauchfilm”.

The first name of the film-studio was born due to historical reasons: questions of technological and production expansion became priority in the sphere of educational tasks. At the end of the 30s a number of films on history and culture of our country was created and many of them were filmed and acquired by foreign distribution companies (“Hermitage” of A.Presnyakov; “Architecture of Leningrad”, “Tretyakovskaya gallery” of V.Nikolai; “Grand Veliky Novgorod” of E.Rubinstein, “Tamara Hanum” of A.Shwidler).

In the years of blockade (1941-1945) the studio works on in beleaguered Leningrad. Cameramen A.Klimov, B.Sinitsin, N.Dolgov, A.Presnyakov, V.Grebnev, A.Bratuha, A.Romanenko, A.Yerin and many others filmed in extreme conditions of the blockade, in the font-lines, on fighting ships and in air. Development of motion-pictures, delivered by cameramen just from battle line, was going in the printing department day and night. Film copies were demonstrated immediately in cinema-theaters. Unique stills of newsreel went into the movie-chronicle gold fund of the Great Patriotic War.

The genre of educational science films forms since the 1950s. At “Lennauchfilm” there are several thematic directions elaborated for decades: physiology of higher nervous activity, fine arts, Russian history, outer space. Pavel Klushantsev rose to world-wide fame. He’s an author of the films about outer space exploration: “Moon” (1965), “Mars” (1968), “The way to the stars” (1957). The film was finished in the year of launching of the first Soviet Artificial Earth Satellite… In 1961 at the studio “Lennauchfilm” he created the feature film “The Planet of storms”, that is an object of study of combination shots for American cinematographers.

Cycles of the films created at the studio present the volume picture of scientific and culture life of our country:

Sphere of knowledge of macro- and micro-world (film directors – P.Klushantsev, A.Brusse, V.Chiginsky, T.Iovleva);

Investigation of aquatic sea and ocean world (film directors – I.Voitenko, I.Yurov, A.Rachkov, Y.Klimov) and in particular Black sea (film directors – V.Vendelovsky, D.Kovalenko, E.Golubev);

Wild world (E.Zaborovsky, Y.Klimov);

Ecology (A.Sidelnikov, D.Delov, A.Karpushev, N.Makarov);

Social infrastructure and town-building (L.Volkov, V.Aksenov, E.Kats);

Life of outstanding people; characters of this cycle were outstanding scientists A.Ioffe, I.Tamm, A.Berg, P.Kapitsa, D.Lichachev, N.Bekhterev, J.Alferov and others (film directors – N.Levitsky, M.Kligman, S.Aranovich, V.Gurkalenko, V.Kogai, S.Balakirev, L.Shakht, E.Korolenko);

Animation films (film directors – N.Lutskaya, A.Vasilyev, L.Gritsenko, T.Ivanova, A.Muravyev, K.Bronzit, A.Makarov).

Marshals of the Soviet Union, such as S.M.Budenny, K.E.Voroshilov, N.N.Voronov, A.N.Kazakov, admirals N.G.Kuznetsov, V.F.Tributs, generals of the army K.F.Telegin, N.I.Berzarin, acted and participated as consultants in the films about Soviet Union Army and Fleet.
Famous actors G.Zhenov, K.Lavrov, T.Doronina, I.Smoktunovsky, V.Visotsky started their cinematographic biography at the studio.

Composers D.Shostakovich, S.Banevich, A.Petrov, A.Zhurbin, O.Karavaichuk, L.Gidryavichus composed music for films in different years.More than 10 years the creative workshop on the preparation of film directors of popular science films works in Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television Arts in faculty of screen arts, where teachers are famous film directors of the studio.In 1983 the studio “Lennauchfilm” is awarded with the order of Badge of Honor. Over the years of its existence the studio released more than 4000 films, many of which were awarded in Russian and International film festivals.





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